Miner reward error? (1.30ZEC in block 2602, 1.63ZEC in block 2603)

2602: https://explorer.zcha.in/transactions/626cc6c89fbe1d4b19620a2f89b171b2ddcd404052c22b2c72eb04d921e1454f

I thought the block reward during slow start is incremented by 12.5/20000 per block.

Can anyone please provide an explanation?

Maybe its an uncle or orphan

Doesn’t add up.

Who would be mining a block with wrong block rewards?

The block reward should be-
2602: 12.5/20000*2602=1.62625

So 2602 is wrong.

A bug in the block explorer perhaps?

The founder’s reward seems to be correct at least

The block explorer is only listing the first address of the miner. If you click on that address, you’ll see that particular miner is sending the reward to 2 addresses and it adds up to the correct value. here he is: