Mining Frame : Space between GPU

Hi everyone, How long ideal space between GPU in mining frame ?
Because it’s open air frame is there any different between 1 inch or 2 inch ?

I give it 10 cm or more for my 1080ti

Personally have 2 inches between my risers from edge to edge. I like to give the extra room for better airflow.

I suggest 2 inches as long as you have the space. Having many GPUs packed together can negatively impact their lifespan, and this helps combat this.

A good fan in front of all of them never hurts.

It only needs about an inch between if open rig. You will notice more heat on the first two GPUs as those are directly above CPU fan

I know it only “needs” 1 inch, but if you’re going through the trouble may as well make it 2.

Is it 1070 rig? 20 chars 20 chars 20 chars 20 chars…

Yes, absolutely
2 pcie slot espacement

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