Mining Intel GPU Cores in CPU / Graphics dies via OpenCL (Skylake, Iris, etc)

Thread for mining GPU cores that are found on Intel CPU dies / chips with integrated graphics (same idea as the AMD APU line of chips, but from Intel).
Also applies to Intel brand PCIe Coprocessor / GPGPU compute cards, Iris, Phi, Atom, video, etc.
Primarily on Linux, but also on FreeBSD, Windows, etc.
Not for talk about mining on the CPU cores themselves (be it natively or via overlay [Intel SDK, pocl, and freeocl all provide an OpenCL software overlay / emulator for some CPUs]).
Not for talk about mining on separate video cards from AMD or NVIDIA.
Talk of AMD APU acceptable only for comparison reference purposes.
Keep it clean and tight :slight_smile:

Required OpenCL software stack for Unix...
Linux kernel bits (4.8.6):
Linux packages (Debian): ,
FreeBSD kernel bits (11.0):
FreeBSD Packages (All): ,
Intel's open source OpenCL: , ,
Intel's closed source OpenCL (Linux / Windows only):
ICD Loader for OpenCL:
Verify install with 'clinfo':

List of available mining software by OS...
# Linux
# FreeBSD
- ?
# Windows
- ?

Compilation and configuration guides (only if needed specifically to support Intel)...
- None yet

Speed results by processor model and miner software...
(Find your exact CPU model in searchbox here:

Doesn't Silent Army v3 do this already?

Not as far as I can tell, but would like to be able to mine OPENCL on my HD4600 integrated.
Let me know if anyone gets it to work xx

yeah, silentarmy miner is in deed mining on intel, loot at my integrated intel gpu :stuck_out_tongue:
its the last dev4 - I will be rich !!!

Total 108.7 sol/s [dev0 0.0, dev1 35.3, dev2 34.6, dev3 36.7, dev4 1.1] 1493 shares
Total 110.0 sol/s [dev0 0.0, dev1 36.2, dev2 34.1, dev3 38.9, dev4 1.0] 1493 shares
Total 109.7 sol/s [dev0 0.0, dev1 34.4, dev2 32.9, dev3 37.5, dev4 1.0] 1493 shares
Total 111.0 sol/s [dev0 0.0, dev1 38.0, dev2 33.5, dev3 36.6, dev4 1.2] 1493 shares
Total 111.2 sol/s [dev0 0.0, dev1 38.0, dev2 34.7, dev3 37.2, dev4 1.2] 1493 shares
Total 112.0 sol/s [dev0 0.0, dev1 37.3, dev2 33.9, dev3 38.6, dev4 0.8] 1493 shares
Total 112.1 sol/s [dev0 0.0, dev1 36.5, dev2 35.1, dev3 37.7, dev4 0.8] 1493 shares
Total 111.4 sol/s [dev0 0.0, dev1 35.5, dev2 33.2, dev3 37.5, dev4 1.0] 1493 shares
Total 111.5 sol/s [dev0 0.0, dev1 36.2, dev2 35.1, dev3 36.9, dev4 1.0] 1493 shares
Total 110.9 sol/s [dev0 0.0, dev1 36.7, dev2 35.1, dev3 38.7, dev4 0.4] 1494 shares
Total 112.1 sol/s [dev0 0.0, dev1 39.5, dev2 37.2, dev3 39.7, dev4 0.4] 1494 shares

Silent Army already mines on my integrated Intel GPU

Is there anything that can be used for Intel HD graphics on Windows?

No and probably never will be.

I just tried GENOIL and it didn't mine "just said mining thread quit" looks like I am back to mining on my Ubuntu VM.
I may try getting a usb Ubuntu drive together to squeeze more out of the PC as I don't think having a VM is helping.

Looks like mining on Intel is a no!

Somehow I doubt that :wink:
Intel can only just render a desktop

Intel mining using Silent Army certainly works

Oh, sory, my mistake.
It is CPU after all :slight_smile:
Devices on platform "AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing":
ID 0: Ellesmere
ID 1: Ellesmere
ID 2: Ellesmere
ID 3: Ellesmere
ID 4: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU G1840 @ 2.80GHz

I found mining on the integrated graphics chip only produced ~1 sol/s, but slowed down the external cards by a few sol/s. YMMV, but I get better performance by ignoring the integrated graphics chip when I have external miners.

Some people write "G1840" ambiguous, but then I saw your clock speed:,80801 so it's the 80800, which does have a GPU on it.
Maybe your OpenCL is presenting the CPU as overlay and not presenting the GPU side... what does 'clinfo' say the 'device name' at ID 4 is?

Mr z and doc... so long as your OpenCL OS stack sees your GPU device, any OpenCL miner on any OS should be able to mine it.

Can you tell me what OpenCL package you needed for the integrated GPU? I'm on Ubuntu 14.04. Thanks!