Mining on OpenSource AMD (amdgpu/Mesa/llvm) OpenCL

Experimenting with amdgpu (proprietary drivers tend to break on my machine), I’ve decided to give SilentMiner a try.

Turns out, it’s actually churning out solutions quite happily - not that fast (60 Sol/s vs 250 Sol/s which is to be expected of an R9 280), but definitely faster than the optimized CPU miner on this workstation.

I think there is some rationale to start optimizing - both the LLVM and the kernels. Has it been attempted? Any useful pointers?

To my knowledge, and if I am incorrect forums please correct me, SilentArmy (silentminer) has gone silent and that software hasn’t been updated in a long while.

Try Claymore’s (12.4) or Optiminer’s (1.7) software,

Claymore and Optiminer are both provided as binary-only. What would be the best way to reach the developers?

The binaries prevent the OpenCL kernel from even attempting to be loaded on open drivers - they just the proprietary ones. I know there will be a performance hit, but the implementations are close enough at this stage that we should be able to identify the slowdowns, if any.

Claymore = Claymore's ZCash/BTG AMD GPU Miner v12.6 (Windows/Linux)

Optiminer = Optiminer/Zcash v1.7 (GPU, Windows+Linux, AMD)