Mining reward during first 4y


How much ZEC will be mined during the first month and each month after before the first halving after 4 year ??


1 block every 2.5 minutes (12.5 ZEC)
24 blocks per hr (300ZEC)
576 blocks per day (7200ZEC)
~17280 blocks per month (216000ZEC)
210240 blocks per year (2628000ZEC)

1st Year 2628000ZEC
2nd Year 5256000ZEC
3rd Year 7884000ZEC
4th Year 10512000ZEC

Calculations aren't taking into account a leap year
Note: founders and investors get 2.5ZEC per block


1 block every 2.5 minutes, of 12.5 divided by 4. It has the same release rate as BTC, just faster block times. The reward per block is total of 12.5 at slow-start and 50 @ full release. Not 12.5 per 2.5 min.


I didnt mention the slow start so its easier to calculate.


Slow start is only the first 10 days ?


First month, approximately


Where are you getting 10 minute block times from?


Not block times. 2.5 is the block time, but reward is based on Bitcoin, so each 2.5 min will disburse 1/4th of the total block reward. The curve follows BTC 100%.


Where can you see the hash rate on the test net ? How does the hash rate map to difficulty ?


type ~/zcash/./src/zcash-cli getinfo

"difficulty" : 78.29507136

someone noted that its around 1.25x mid range CPUs per diff