Mir protocol



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They are building based off of ECC’s work. PTAL & see if you can leverage any of their ideas.


@cburniske I’m reaching out to Mir team to see if they are interested in ZOMG funding, it would be great to have a stake in new protocols based on HALO & zero knowledge. So, we can learn from each other & build better products.

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Thanks so much for reaching out to them!

This kind of work spreading the word about ZOMG is really helpful!!

One question would be if there is any work that directly benefits both Mir and Zcash, that the Mir team could work on. I’m not sure if this is the case, but if it was, that’d be a great candidate for a grant.

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Yeah it might benefit both Mir & Zcash, that was my original intention. It would be similar to Ethereum foundation giving grant to ECC for HALO.

Hi, just seeing this now. I think that there’s a lot of work that directly benefits Mir and Zcash. Happy to talk about this with Holmes or whoever else might be interested. Thanks!

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Let’s talk about it here! One approach we’ve taken in the past is to explore some ideas in a thread like this and then get feedback from folks at ECC, ZF, or the wallet teams to validate whether something was indeed useful.

What did you have in mind?

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