Mobile Orchard wallet

Got it working. No full node required, uses the same public lightwalletd server as Nighthawk.

Hopefully, an official mobile wallet will come soon.


What, if any, NU5 features does ywallet/zwallet support?

The main differences from the last upgrade NU5 are the Orchard shielded pool and unified addresses and this new wallet seems to at least support migrating into tbe pool I think, that addy looks like an Orchard addy, too short for a UA but whether it can handle those too idk

I’m aware of said primary changes. I believe Hanh also produces ywallet/zwallet, so I was asking for the difference between that offering and this new Zorchard wallet.

This wallet is NU-5 & Orchard. I wrote it for my own amusement and it won’t be released. I figured people may like to know that it’s not too hard.

The tough part was making warp sync generic between sapling/orchard and rewriting the hash function


Ywallet/zwallet is not NU5 ready, correct? I.e. it does not offer support for the orchard pool or UAs, correct?

NU-5 is a bunch of things. Arguably Orchard is the most visible but there are other ZIPs. Ywallet is NU-5 ready besides Orchard. As a matter of fact, the update to make it ready was pushed one week before activation. So we were the only wallet that was working at launch. wohoo

Edit: besides zcashd