Mobo Asus prime z270-A not recognized gpu'z - Help please

Mobo Asus prime z270-A not recognized gpu’z if they are not in the 3 express slots (the other 4).

Someone knows what I am talking about?


You likely need to make some changes in the bios. Enable Above 4g decoding and set the PCIe to Gen 2. Also you might need to make sure the bios has the PCI latency timer set to 96.

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As @gilfel alludes to, there are a few BIOS settings that need to be altered for multi-GPU stability. In general, I recommend the following:

Install all non-GPU components on the board (to include Ethernet) and boot.
Update the BIOS to the latest version and make appropriate BIOS adjustments as detailed in the video below. NOTE: 4G decoding should be enabled after the following steps.
Install your OS.
Shutdown and install 1x GPU.
Boot into OS and install your GPU drivers / run through Windows update until you are up to date.
Restart, enable 4G DECODING, and shutdown.
Install the rest of your GPUs and go to town.