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Excuse me for not clicking that, but what’s the debate?
And fyi, the title if this thread and that one aren’t really appropriate, for you see (quoting from)

“Cooperation with other cryptocurrencies. No “coin” is an island unto itself, and the success and acceptance of cryptocurrencies are intertwined. We will strive to collaborate with other cryptocurrencies’ communities in areas of mutual interest.”

Edit- i suppose, so long as it all stays technical and intellectual
Unfortunately I said months ago that Zcash would be soon be called every name in the book
So we’ll see
(Seems strange quoting this to you)

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Apparently it wasnt @amiller who started the thread, I apologize if I grilled you!

Right, wasn’t my thread, I just stumbled on it. :stuck_out_tongue: It seemed like a legitimate effort at promoting a good faith discussion, given that they posted on both r/Monero and r/zec to give some advance warning (though not very much). In general I’m excited about positive cross-community conversations. But r/zec isn’t too broadly representative of Zcash so they should have reached out to the forum if anything. Anyway it doesn’t seem like a terribly important thread shrugs

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I know @daira is on reddit, I’m sure she could answer most inquiries assuming thats what its for, and I hope I’m wrong about it.

@Autotunafish Hey! I just registered an account here :slight_smile: It was me who created the thread to have an open debate between the two coins. Right now there’s a lot more people talking about Monero than Zcash there which wasn’t what my hopes were and which was why I asked @amiller to post this here.

I just wanted to bring the communities closer together and share eachothers points. There’s tons of misinformation about Zcash out there and it would be a great time to find common ground.

I might be doing another one in the future, if I do I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

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I like the idea of community collaboration, and like I said I hope I’m wrong but I think maybe the reason there’s more talk of Monero is because your title doesnt really imply collaboration (at least its not what I infer), but more like “come take a swing for the home team” and as such you’ll find less Zcash communities willing to engage assuming their reading it the same way.
I think if it was called “XMR/ZEC community collaboration thread”, it might be the opposite.

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You’re not wrong for sure. I’ll show you what my original thread looked like that I posted on the Zec subreddit:

I did want to sort of spark discussion and debate but yeah. Next time I’ll know to post it here for sure and much more in advance so people know it’s happening

I’d like to see more threads on stuff that Zcash and Monero can collaborate on productively together. Even debates can be valuable too, I guess it’s a chance for different factions to reach some stable message about what they think of each other. But there’s a lot of those already, we could be even more constructive. It would be neat if Monero FFS and Zcash Foundation Grants could jointly fund a science project of some kind.

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Shitpost idea:

  • thread where Monero and Zcash ppl say positive things about each other and get tipped in the other currency
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I hate Reddit. I don’t consider it a safe place for minorities in general and trans people in particular. I can live with it for the odd thread though.

Sorry and I didn’t mean to put you on the spot, I had seen you post there before
Edit-I dont use reddit though (I’ll see if I have an account)(i dont think i do)

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No it’s fine, I wouldn’t be pressured by anyone to post somewhere if I really objected to it.


Seems like a reasonable place to drop this.

Researchers Discover Flaws in Digital Currency Monero That Could Reveal Identity of Users

I haven’t gone through the meat of the paper, and I’m not sure how much I’ll truly understand when I do, but the summary pointed to a rather fundamental issue.

Curious to see what the more cryptography-savvy among us have to say about this. @daira @paige @garethtdavies

Cheers, to all.

This is the same thing

I don’t think it is, @Autotunafish. The founded article, at the very least, doesn’t cite the paper. It seems to address a specific weakness related to the upcoming monero fork, while the first article discusses a flaw in the mixing process that can be exploited with reasonable success to de-anonymize numerous transactions over a past period of finite duration.

Still a very interesting read! :+1:

To end the debate, someone should actually show that they can break either coin. All these articles show no actual proof. Anyone can write anything and theory is just theory.

The main point of this research paper is that from July 2016 to Jan 2017, during which Monero first become popular and advertised for darknet markets, it provided very poor privacy, even if you opted in to using lots of mixins. After Jan 2017 things improved. And also as a result of this paper (an initial version released around March 2017, a year ago) the sampling policy was improved further. The research does not have much to say about the privacy of creating Monero transactions today.

The Monero community has mostly reached a stable position about all this: An Unofficial Response to "An Empirical Analysis of Linkability in the Monero Blockchain" | Monero - secure, private, untraceable which quibbles with how we released the results (I stand by all of those decisions though!). The newest release of the paper, which has been peer reviewed now, includes additional countermeasures and analysis of the ecosystem at the time (alphabay usage and mining pools).