Zcash vs. Monero privacy tech

I posted my concerns about Monero privacy tech on twitter:

I’d encourage all Zcashers who talk about this issue, on twitter, here or where-ever, to demonstrate patience and “assuming the best of others”. If you start to assume the worst of someone you’re talking to, then just gracefully bow out of the conversation instead of accusing them. Let’s show 'em that the Zcash community has a higher standard of discourse than other have.


Would somebody please post a link to an article? All I see is twitter. Thanks in advance.


Our blog post has links to r3 announcement and the PDF of the report for download.

You can also see this related article by Morgen Peck in American Banker.


awesome! super relevant to this conversation as well: Is this FUD or legit? On "the untrusted setup" and "fungibility" - #6