More exchanges for the list of Zcash exchanges

Market overview: WorldCoinIndex

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Hey @vaklinov and @Shawn: check this out! :slight_smile: New exchange (in Singapore):

Added Ripio, Qryptos and WorldCoinIndex to the Markets page :grin:

How about SZZC? They are reporting the highest trading volumes of Zcash nowadays, according to

Also I noticed that BTCC is listed on, but BTCC doesn’t support Zcash yet.

I don't know what is, but it says "ZEC" on it! supports Zcash! It serves South Africa, which is a place that seems to have a lot of grassroots buzz about Zcash. Maybe because the South African Rand is one of the worst currencies in the world as far as people expecting it to lose value in the coming years.

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Market overview:

@vaklinov can you please add Evercoin ( to the list? We have been supporting Zcash for months. Thanks.