List of apps and exchanges missing Zcash as of July 2020

Here’s on top of my head a small list of exchanges/apps that miss Zcash support and that could bring big impact for the Zcash ecosystem if they did :

LVL: / @BankWithLVL
Robinhood: / @robinhood
Revolut: @RevolutApp
FTX: @FTX_Official

According to the foundation roadmap, the foundation is planning to cooperate with an exchange to support z-addresses. I would suggest they reach out to FTX for this exchange is literally very fast at implementing stuff and they are draining other exchanges customers at a fast rate.
It’s important Zcash partners with market leaders, and not some broke-ass old school exchanges like Bitstamp for example.


It’s not like I expect a reply here, but I still wish the foundation gave an update on this specific item in the roadmap.

Where in the Zcash Foundation 2020 Roadmap do you see that they are working with exchanges?

Hi @Shawn

They really should give an update and consult with the community. I’d be utterly disappointed if they partner with some crappy exchanges. Zcash need to shine and partners with Market leaders.

If they work with Gemini or coinbase, that would be a big misstep imho.

Ah, I missed that part.

I don’t know of any talks at the Foundation (I’m not a direct part of the org) but I do know @joshs has been actively pursuing the goal of more z acceptance on exchanges. Perhaps he would know more.

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Yeah so it’s been 6 months in the making, they can’t talk about it (why??)

It’s really time they make a big push really… The markets are prime, Zcash needs a major popular and modern exchange like FTX.

If all they can come with is Gemini support (an exchange nobody uses) that would blow

Things take time, it appears to have been discussed on the June 1 board meeting but given the legal nature of the discussions I assume anything not listed in the minutes would be “in camera” (or “in chambers”) which is a more largely encompassing legal term but thats an assumption

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I appreciate the candid feedback.

Hi Josh,

But why are you involved ? It’s not an ECC task, rather it’s been attributed to the foundation.

Got it. I’m not involved with the foundation’s activities. I thought you were providing general feedback on the exchanges that you value.