Motherboard buying help for Zcash mining

So I’m gonna build my first mining rig in next 4-5 days.I’ll start with two MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Tis and then try to go upto 6 of them.Can MSI Z270 Gaming M7 motherboard support 6 1080tis?

In the image I got from the MSI website below says it supports three PCI express 16X & three PCI express 1X .So can it support 6 1080ti?

And also can I directly plugin first 3 1080ti to the motherboard and then use pci risers for other 3 gpu?Or should I use risers for all 6 gpu?

To answer your question yes.
You can go half and half on risers, but it’s best advised to just go all the way as it makes cooling the cards if you planned in doing so much easier than having to do double the work.

To help you out long term, not sure if you’re aware but that’s a way overvalued mobo.
There are a load of others half the price of the m7, with 2 being just over a third less with an additional 7th lane:

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Thanks I’ll buy Asus PRIME Z270-A and also I’ll use risers for all gpus.

np . Happy mining :slight_smile: