Multisig for Zcash with FROST

I’m exploring a grant idea of creating a multisig wallet for Zcash.

Personally I use Electrum for BTC & LTC quite frequently and multisig is a key usage requirement for me. Thus I thought this would be a good addition to Zcash.

It seems like Zcash z-address multisig is significantly different based on FROST ( Would be great to hear some comments on usage, readiness of FROST & if there have been previous attempts by anyone on this.



Thanks for posting that paper. I am also interested on how Taproot (which is a form of MAST) activation may improve multisig even further (for Bitcoin Taproot will make it harder to identify multisig transactions). Taproot arguably may also help ease shielded ZEC/BTC atomic swap development.

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Here is quote from my MGRC candidacy post regarding FROST & Zcash multisig

“Shielded & Transparant Multisig

Multisig on Zcash opens the doors to a whole cascade of possibilities & is one of the safest & most secure methods to custody assets. With multisig on Zcash, it would provide additional assurances, optionality & security to individuals, institutions, & businesses who are interested in participating in the Zcash economy. That is why I am crazy excited for FROST & will be keen to look for grant applications that plan on building projects & products that will increase the adoption of multisig on Zcash. Shielded multisig will enable increased security & usability for custody, spending, & saving of ZEC. This trend will only add to the growth of the shielded pool.”


Thanks for this. Personally I also don’t feel safe storing anything without multisig since there can be too many externalities that cause loss of funds.

Multisig on Zcash seems to have some interest.

I suppose FROST can’t implement multisig the same way like how bitcoinjs-lib does it? Is there any dev tooling to help implementation? Or it has to natively use some cryptographic libraries.

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We have a preliminary implementation of RedJubjub SpendAuth signatures using FROST under security audit, we will be notifying the community when the audit and any changes needed that come out of it are ready in the code.


Hi @tonychew1986 I just saw that you had created a CCR (Community Created Request) on the Grants platform, CCRs are not open at this time, please use ZF Grants - Page not found to create a proposal for consideration.

Also, can you please explain the steps that you took to find the CCR page? We removed all the hyperlinks to it from the website with the hopes that users wouldn’t find it by mistake.

I believed i got the link from Zcash Community Grants | The Zcash Community Grants program funds independent teams entering the Zcash ecosystem, to perform major ongoing development (or other work) for the public good of the Zcash ecosystem.

It seems to be the correct link similar to what you shared above now.

Thanks shawn. I have resubmitted the proposal.

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Hi guys,

Just wondering how much progress the community has made with shielded multi sig wallet proposals?

I am trying to conceptualise and ultimately put together a zcash powered online marketplace… and shielded multi sig wallet functionality would really help with being able to deploy the censorship resistant, non custodial ecommerce solution for web3 that i am hoping can be created…