Nakamoto: a Bitcoin Light Client written in Rust: Useful for Zcash?

With a lot of chatter lately about Lite Client infrastructure funding, privacy, importance for ecosystem mobile apps, etc, I thought I would use this thread to try & learn more more about Light Clients use in the Zcash & Bitcoin ecosystems by posting this announcement I recently stumbled on of a Bitcoin Light Client written in Rust in hopes of getting some insight. I am unfamiliar with the technical similarities & differences of lite clients for Zcash & Bitcoin but am curious about crossover compatibility.

With the ZF focused on zebra written in Rust, I am genuinely curious if this new Bitcoin Light Client written in Rust could be of value to the Zcash community in some way? Can this be forked or parts of it used for the Zcash ecosystem?

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@str4d did a good write up on the upcoming challenge to scale up to millions of users here Can Zcash scale to a million users?

Iā€™m interested to learn more about Detection Keys and reviewing an architecture that allows for light clients to optionally trust the lightwalletd server to read their zk transactions faster rather than manually doing the deciphering on the client side.