New experiment: Zeal Center

The Zeal Center

An experiment to mobilize the Zcash community to provision a Mastodon server for the community.

Happy to answer any questions, either here or Z2Z via the address in our Free2z page linked above.

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Lol I did a similar meme once, its around here somewhere

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We met our initial fund-raising goal, so the server is live!

Users that requested access have been notified and temporary passwords communicated through shielded memos!

Visit The Zeal Center and join the conversation.


Due to the large influx of new users into the Mastodon network, the server is currently unavailable.

I am working on upgrading to v.4 of Mastodon and performance tuning.

I will post here once the server is back up.

The server is back online, come visit us!

A quick report from the first month of the Zeal Center operations:

November 2022 Report on IPFS