New site to check price/metrics

Hi all,

New site to check price and information also for coin research

it have lot of information

Similar Coins Tron, Vechain, 0x, Ethereum? Seriously?

Not even talking about the markets … copy & paste from coinmarketcap?

Other than that it’s a nice site, i like the ZEC news listings down and some other things. It would be a good site actually without some of the bogus bugs, lol.

It have own markets and own price calculation it’s not using CMC or any other site except 170 exchanges from which it’s getting info every minute or less and using own algo to calculate prices.

Whats about similar coins it’s checking similar coins using Mcap but I will link it to devs.

Site is still in beta and there can be some problems but also lot of development happening right now for improvements, if you find bugs will be good if you report it