New Cryptocurrency Website


We’ve been busy building a brand new website all about cryptocurrencies, called CryptoRival.

We’re covering everything from cloud mining to profitability calculators. We want this to become a hub of information for everything Zcash, and loads more altcoins. We’re building a F.A.Q page for those who are entirely new to this, we’ve also got guides coming soon, going over everything from what is a digital coin to the benefits of mining and much more.

We have written reviews of cloud miners and made a comparison table of them all to make it easy to see the differences between them. We’ve found exchange services and reviewed these too in order to help you make the right choice on who you should use to change up your currency.

We want your feedback, we’ve reached out to the Zcash community to see what’s missing from our site, what you are asking for and what we can do to improve things.

The website address is Reply to this thread, contact us via our website, or we are online on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and lots more.

The CryptoRival Team

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Hi. There is no mention of Zcash on your site?

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ZEC Calculator found. Thank you.

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We wanted to reach out to see what people are asking for and what is needed. We’ve just gone live with the Zcash calculator and the charts page which have been in development for a couple of days now. The link to these are:

Calculator: Zcash (ZEC) Mining Profitability Calculator | CryptoRival
Charts: Zcash (ZEC) Price, Difficulty and Trend Charts | CryptoRival

We’ve reviewed several miners that offer Zcash as a coin to mine, you can find them on our ‘compare miners’ page. We also offer reviews on three exchange services where you can buy and sell Zcash.

Let us know what you think and feel free to reach out to us with feedback!


Hi phakov, we had the Zcash calculator and chart pages ready but it took a little longer than expected for them to get on the site. We’ve added both, we’d love to know your thoughts.