New Version of Zingo-PC

zingo-pc is a port of zecwallet-desktop… it’s a desktop wallet!

Hey folks we’ve released a new version of zingo-pc

Props to the contributors listed on the release page!

Please check it out and let us know what you think!

Also… special thanks to @Juanky !


Great! I am an active user of PC wallets. I will use it and any suggestions I will share with the team. Thanks Zancas!


really cool. tested it. recieve worked.
sending worked also, took quite some time to recieve on other end, but that might have been the blockchain itself.

calculating the transaction / sending step took super long - 45 seconds on macbook pro m1
dats much longer than on my phone, so maybe there is some optimization do be done?

on ywallet it takes a second or few max to calculate it.

another bug? clicking “view txid” goes to and that is a wrong link or doesnt open for me

Cool, I’ve been waiting for this!

Where is the state of the app stored? I wanted to change lightwalletd servers after started syncing and I think the only way is to start again, but I can’t find where things are stored. I deleted ~/.config/Zingo PC but it doesn’t seem to work :thinking:

if you want to delete the wallet file called: zingo-wallet.dat you can find it in the Zcash folder in the same place that Zingo PC.

Thanks for testing, we need to improve a lot of things, we know that.

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Yes, we have to do some optimizations… upsss, we need to change the zec tx explorer to another one, thanks for testing, appreciate that.


Thank you, it worked!

I was super happy to see the option to connect to the testnet. I think that’s new for Zingo?

A suggestion: add the new servers from to the prepopulated list.

In zingo-mobile in settings (Advanced mode) you can change the server to a testnet one, and you can do the same in the first screen in the top right menu icon as well if you try to open another wallet…

and Thanks for the tip, we will consider to include more servers in the list.

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I just change to: & for the next release…

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I guess I should open a github issue or send a PR. The way to make Zingo-PC faster is to compile the Rust/node binding (neon) with --release flag. i.e.:
In package.json change from this:

"neon": "cargo-cp-artifact -a cdylib zingolib-native src/native.node -- cargo build --manifest-path native/Cargo.toml --message-format=json-render-diagnostics"

to this:

"neon": "cargo-cp-artifact -a cdylib zingolib-native src/native.node -- cargo build --release --manifest-path native/Cargo.toml --message-format=json-render-diagnostics"

That explains why syncing is taking too long, good find.

I also experienced something weird. I left it open and sync got stuckaround ~70% IIRC. I had to reboot my PC and then it started from 0 again? I did the same thing but then it seems to have resumed from where it was. (I realized this report really isn’t that helpful…)

¡A probarla ya mismo!

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Thanks, really good. I just do the change.

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This is weird because the wallet is stored locally at least every 30 seconds with the progression of the syncing. Do you remember the block or the batch numbers before & after…? and what means from 0 again?
Thanks for the feedback, my questions are only for understanding and maybe fixing the problem. You can reach me out with a DM if you want to.

gracias… cuentanos a ver que te parece.

Many thanks! That’s cool! I tested the installation on my systems and on the version of the macbook with Intel CPU, Zingo PC impossible to run. The wallet is launched on M1 without any trouble.


That’s a bummer, I built the file for mac in my M1… I have to look into it a bit, and I have to get a mac with intel cpu… for testing.

Thank you so much.

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Now you can try in mac intel x64, I just uploaded a binary for that. Thanks.

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Thanks fort the thanks! … but I think you did more work on this than me! I didn’t contribute much (beyond my unflagging enthusiasm)… and a few early test runs.

Nice catch @james_katz !