Newly revamped FAQ

Greetings! We just deployed an initial version of our revamped FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions - Zcash Hopefully it covers a big portion of the questions that get asked in this forum and elsewhere. This is intended to be a living document and we already have questions en route to add in the next week. If you think there is a question that should be added to the document or if an existing question could use better clarification, please leave it in this thread. I’ll get notifications here and can add it to the queue for the next scheduled update.

Relatedly, you might have noticed the new Support section of the which will house links to information like this FAQ, the Zcash Integration Guide, the protocol spec and more to come! Resources | Zcash


I only looked into one or two of the FAQs and their content seemed fine. But someone should proof read the wording of the FAQ headings.

Hi, thanks for the feedback? Can you give an example of what you mean wrt proof reading FAQ headings?

Just a couple of typos…

        Will any blocks will be pre-mined, then? In other words, will any Zcash coins -will- exist before the public release?
        What is +the+ value of Zcash at launch expected to be?

-will- should be removed and +the+ should be added.

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Thanks! I have a few other updates to push to it later today so I’ll check for typos.