Zcash Newbie Looking for Input

Hi everyone-

I’ve been in crypto for quite awhile, but I’m just now kicking the tires on Zcash. I’ve done basic research, but I’m curious as to what the community has to say. What in your opinion are the pros and cons of Zcash, compared to Bitcoin, Monero, or others?

I’ve impressed by the tech and the team seems very talented, but I’d love to get the community perspective before fully leaping forward.

Any feedback is appreciated!


Hi zeecash,
I found myself in the newspaper section of my public library gazing at all the different publications. Each of these papers have different editorial choices, fonts, layouts, image selections. How to select which publication to read? Is the sleek image heavy publication or the strength of the writers, the risk to write challenging comments for the public good? After consuming a dose of old news, and placing the paper back knowing, I have no subscription, targeted curated ads, reading profile attached to this days reading interests. I feel slightly more informed an a lot less like a number inside a data center. Making secure transactions help in this daily quest. I hope what ever your creative mind brings you too, it involves the use an expansion of economic opportunity. Welcome to zcash

Welcome! I would describe Zcash with one word: potential. I’m not sure there is anything as undervalued in the entire crypto space. I’ve been deep into Zcash for more than a year and I’m still learning lots of stuff, so it’s hard to answer you concisely. But perhaps we could take this opportunity to make a giant thread of all Zcash content for beginners?

Here’s a good place to start: https://www.zcashcommunity.com/zcash-education/


The Basics | Zcash Frequently Asked Questions - Zcash
zechub wiki
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