Next steps on BOSL etc

Hi folks! I posted that Does the Zcash Foundation support the ZEC holders? yesterday and then left my work phone and laptop behind and went into the mountains overnight, and I just now returned to the grid. This is what I see!

I definitely intend to read through all of these posts and messages carefully, but first, there’s a really important point that Dodger raised in this post about chain-forks that I’m going to prioritise responding to. I’ll circle back to reading up on all the threads and messages later.



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Phewf, okay I responded to Dodger’s questions and mentioned one item that I think is really important to prioritise — giving people who want to launch Future Friendly Forks all the legal rights that they need to do so. (Beyond the Zcash Foundation, who already have all the legal rights that they would need to do so.)

I also addressed several other things that are probably worth reading if you’re following these discussions closely, so please read.

I’m going to get started on reading the threads and messages, but be patient with me — the way I work, it will probably take days to process all this.