Next Zcash Protocol Hangout on Tuesday, January 21

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Negotiations are currently underway and is expected to begin voting on a new proposal, or not already?

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Negotiations are currently underway, yes. The next / new voting timeline hasn’t been established yet.

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And why talk about future funding if one vote has already been taken and the second is being prepared, does not mean that there is already a way, you just need to make an approval, except that there are no ways to highlight the award from the block, well, at least they are not considered in the second vote ( there is only one sentence)

Why not talk about funding? it is a hangout. It is quite a lot easier to verbally talk with people to get ideas across. more talking is better, no?


To look for ways of financing in the process of voting about future financing, have you ever seen at least once a candidate for the election in the process of the election itself?
What will happen if there is a new way of financing, the voting will be canceled, again?

yeah, look at Corbyn and the NEC/Labour UK leadership kerfuffle . Still the Foundation are the arbiters in this situation. That is by design.

unless it is a silver bullet I don’t think much will happen. we have been talking about this for the best part of 2019. We are having continual conversations on the forum - I don’t see what the issue is with people “sharing their ideas”.

In the last hangout the foundation asked if people liked the hangouts and if they wanted more. people in the hangout all said yes, so this is just them doing what was asked of them.

If you look back at the last two streams they were very productive and helped align people. Like I said before, more communication is better.

edit: @sonya I just noticed this. thank you :slight_smile:


So, about what we’ll be discussing… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Probably this, for the most part:

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