[NiceHash] GPU Farm rental (rent physical rigs)

The core feature of NiceHash is to offer on-demand hashing power rental service. To cover the full range of our customers needs, NiceHash also provides the ability to rent physical GPU miners through our certified third-party GPU farm providers. The service is offered through the model of managed service. Managed service is a form of offering full rental of physical GPU mining rigs, whereas the responsibility of rig management is still kept within NiceHash farm provider network. Therefore upon renting a physical rig or a part of GPU farm, the rigs are configured according to your requests and demands, but are still managed by our support engineers to keep the rigs in top condition, reliable and secure.

The current availability of rigs is (subject to change any time):

GPU RIG with 6x NVIDIA GTX1070, Intel CPU, 4 GB RAM, SSD drive
Total: 30 rigs

GPU RIG with 6x AMD RX480 (optimized fast ROM), Intel CPU, 4 GB RAM, SSD drive
Currently available: 50 rigs

Please visit our GPU Farm rental page for more details.

Keep on hashing :smiley: