GPU Rental (instead of hashrate)

I believe it would be greatly beneficial if there would be offers of GPU rentals, along with rental of hashrate. Both have their pros and cons and there’s almost zero offer on the GPU rental side so far aside from super-pricey AWS and not yet so reputable Tresorio Mining.

Say today you buy some hashrate from any of the cloud mining vendors. What happens if in a few days or weeks, a miner is released to the public that vastly increase the hashrate of all recent GPU? Your mining contract is a fixed hashrate. Now recently they’ve all said ok let’s double or triple your hashrate to match the competition. But what guarantees it will keep happening? Nothing really.

So that’s where, while I understand hashrate rental is a thing, GPU rental should definitely be a thing as well. Wouldn’t you prefer to rent a GPU, AWS style? I know I would.

to my knowledge all cloud mining providers would match that increase in mining power.

What’s the guarantee?

There is this (I’ve never actually used it)

I run a decent size GPU farm and have used Mining Ring Rentals for years to rent out some of my GPU’s hashpower. You can be sure that once a good publicly available AMD GPU miner is available MRR will allow miners to rent our rigs to people wanting to mine ZCash.

I also used MRR to rent someone’s X11 ASIC so I could see the experience from the customer side of things. They’re pretty reputable and the site is easy to use.

The best thing about it is there are no year long contracts people will never ROI on as in most cloud mining schemes.

Instead of that, you rent by the hour, day or week, no more than 2 weeks at a time.

It’s as close as you can get to a Peer-to-Peer mining marketplace.

Nicehash is another one.

I have a large GPU farm that I can rent out for the next month. Payment can be made by escrow. PM if you are interested my GPUs range from 270x to 470.

It needs to be before the launch date however due to speculation reasons.

Noobie question. If you’re renting a mining rig from MRR, which algo would you pick to mine zcash Sha256, Scrypt, X11…?

None of the above.

ZCash has its own algorithm called Equihash and its not available on MRR and probably won’t be until publicly available GPU miners are out there.

Understood. Thanks. Thanks.

no more than 2 weeks at a time.

I’m curious as to why there is a 2 week cap? Preventing scams?

To prevent instamining.

I have also used mining rig rentals a little bit to add to my ETH hash-rate briefly and also to mine LBRY credits. It takes a little while to work out how to set it all up but if you’ve ever done any mining it’s pretty easy really.
I would say that it’s much better than cloud mining but not as good as mining yourself - but in the short term it’s a great option. If you just want to see the possibilites of what you can expect to get from a certain hash-rate of a certain algorithm it’s a great way to test out a particular mining pool. It’s also a great option for getting a very quick bunch of hash-power if you need/want it and don’t have time to work it all out and/or the amount of money for the big up front hardware investment.
@adaseb what is “instamining”?

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Yes, one of the reasons for the two week cap on MRR is to prevent people from overpromising (scamming) people. There is a reputation system in place as well so sellers who do not deliver as promised get bad rating and below a certain limit are barred from advertising their services.

This way a customer gets what they paid for under no illusions and there is no incentive to over-promise and under-deliver on the part of hardware owner-operators.

Another reason is that it creates a fair and free market. One of the biggest criticisms of cloud mining is they lock you into a year long contract in a field where things are constantly changing.

Mining a crypto currency which gets popular and whose price rises means that in order to keep getting the same amount of coins you have to increase your mining power or be ok with diminishing returns.

With a two week limit this allows the end-user to adjust their hash power purchase as they see fit or stop mining altogether if it is no longer profitable.

And from a hardware owner-operator/miner/hash provider like myself it allows us to price our mining capabilities based on customer demand and available supply.

The customer gets to know exactly what hardware is being used and can make the decision whether to rent it or try to buy it to mine on their own.

There are no secrets.

By contrast, most cloudmining companies will never tell you exactly what hardware they are using and how much capacity they have.

MRR and Nicehash present an alternative: fair and free market where everyone knows upfront what to expect and can plan accordingly under no false illusions.

Cloudmining on the other hand is a closed market, often using flashy ads and paid shills (often other customers are given promo codes to spam) to convince new people to sign up and buy in on these long contracts which, (due to the difficulty increase I mentioned earlier), they seldom if ever will see an return of investment on.

Some of the less credible cloudmining companies will even use misleading advertising which leads people to believe they will receive a certain number of coins per day, week or month for the length of the contract despite the realities of mining against increasing difficulty.

When they come up short they will often ask a customer to “buy just a little bit more power” to keep the same amount of coins coming.

Still others have no mining hardware at all and are nothing more than MLM ponzi schemes.

So the two week limit is to keep both sides honest and the whole process transparent.

These are worth a watch:

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Love your free market philosophy behind your reasoning. Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. Let me know if you ever want to rent any of my rigs. My first customer was a woman who mined Dash for a weekend and gave me a great review since I gave her an extra hour (due to 20 mins of downtime which occurred in the middle of the night).

You’ll find most sellers at MRR are very fair that way.

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Dash was released like 2.5 years ago, you sure MRR existed back then?

It did,. However I did not join MRR until about a year ago.

How much are you renting out your GPUs for?

I got a few offers to rent mine but the most I got offered was 1.7x over the ETH profitability.

I tend to go with whatever the going rate of the day is. I don’t try to gouge people nor undercut other sellers.

hello depending on your needs and some factors such has do you wan gear rental or me hosting your rigs
( that will inclued location)
1 year terms (Fee inclued electricity GPU / ASIC / FPGA are brandnew piece of gear ( base on calculation of hashrate produce), maintenances, 24hours monitoring of rig)
the gear send FULL HASHRATE produce simply give a deposit adress ( mining pool info)
i offer gear rental for different algo including Etash, Cryptonight, NeoScrypt, Decred, X11, [ZCASH]