Notice for Antminer Z9 Shipping Issue

Been busy at work and i missed this in my email. This is for the Z9 not the z9m. Just bleh

Anyway as I said earlier, I’d be fine with zec forking and releasing its own proprietary equipment. Though I believe someone once said hardware is infinitely harder than software so idk if zec has the resources for that. or just go PoS next year.

I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as decentralization it’s a mirage. I did make money off of Asics but in the end all it did was add a 0 to hashrate and difficulty. I feel the spread of farms to individual is still the same.

In any case if anyone wants a $90 coupon for $20 let me know.

Dear Bitmain Customer,

Thank you for your valued support of Bitmain.

We write to advise of a slight delay for your Antminer Z9 order. We estimate that it will arrive a maximum of five to seven days later than planned. We extend our sincere apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause and are working behind the scenes to reduce this timescale.

As a token of our appreciation for your loyalty, we have issued you a $90 USD coupon which may be redeemed against future Bitmain or Antminer purchases. (This will arrive separately in approximately five days. We will also send you an email with terms and conditions and explaining how to redeem the coupon.)

Thank you. If you have any questions, please contact us via

Best regards,

Bitmain Sales Support team.

I’m curious to see how the first Z9 shipment affects the network hashrate, which should indicate whether or not Bitmain has been pre-mining with these units already.

As for their “shipping delays”, I suspect Bitmain is intentionally holding back shipment in order to delay the explosion in network difficulty they know will result after shipment. The resulting increase in network difficulty would certainly discourage any new buyers of the Z9/Z9 minis, so I imagine they want to sell out as much of the current batch as possible at current prices. With difficulty at 30M+, they won’t be able to sell more units at current prices, so why not delay shipment in the hope that sales stay strong for an extra week? Of course I have absolutely no proof of my claims, I’m just wildly speculating as to what incentivizes Bitmain.

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Seeing that Bitmain’s pricing is some function of the current difficulty ROI expectations, delaying a shipment a week would have that intended effect. Sell more units at N difficulty, difficulty goes up, those buyers didn’t get as good of a deal as they thought.

That said, the prices are really low right now after the correction. I would expect them to start increasing soon, maybe working against Bitmain’s pricing equation and giving users more revenue than Bitmain had predicted. In that case, they will probably rush to sell more units to devalue the previously sold units which end up being more valuable than expected.

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Makes sense, the other thing that makes sense would be a big customer/farm purchased a huge amount of these Z9 and gets priority shipping/deal. I mean the other Z9 are allready paid and the client/buyer has no other option than waiting until they decide shipping anyway.

I think these 2 scenaries are the most likely ones…