Golden days of mining - not what I was aiming for


@mhluongo it was good to talk to you on the stream, I thought I would expand on what I was saying here.

I wasn’t really trying to turn the clock back to the time of non asics I was more saying that the network is beholden to them. This drastically reduces decentralisation. @boxalex (if he has time) has more than enough proof of this. (as do the many projects that have had this issue.)

With the network being protected by people whos manufacturing ethos is “this is a money printing machine, if it ceases to print money we just wont make anymore of them”

Is very different to people who are making a device (be it cpu, gpu, fpga) which has another maybe even more primary purpose then you are not beholden to these companies.

This is a huge risk. Highlighted by the lack of mining pool representation and mining hardware developers in the protocol development discussions.

I would like to reiterate I am not trying to turn the clock back, I am trying to ensure no single point of failure. (the hardware that lets transactions get processed, no transactions no value, store or otherwise.)


Link to the stream please if you don’t mind, would like to watch it.

What exactly do you need as you mentioned me in the above post?


Hey Box,

Matt was asking for evidence about “the golden days” - I have said this isn’t what I was going for, more the impact on the community and the stats and numbers you posted lots of.

If you don’t have time, that is cool, I will go through your somewhat extensive post history on this :slight_smile:

Josh S on speaking with a major zec asic manufacturer. manufactures don’t care.

My proposal where I bring up that asic resistance is intertwined with the dev fund if it is going to be mandatory.

I am asking for your posts on what ASIC’s ended up doing and how they have changed the landscape. (I am not expecting you to support the tax transactions bit, that’s my zip)

@mhluongo you are right, I go off on a tangent about asic resistance but I do feel it more linked as i pointed out above.

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