Official 1.0.8-1 hotfix release and security announcement

We’ve released Zcash v1.0.8-1 hotfix release. This fixes a remote denial-of-service vulnerability. Please update to it!

Official announcement:


I have posted a patched release at
Patch msi file has an sha256 hash of:
e3a8f5179e5a1ce1bddfa6145a9be0c4827d08cba852edf04d127ecc1c49dd31 zcash4win-1.0.8.msi

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Has the hotfix been provided to Bittrex?

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I don't think it's provided to bittrex yet , since 12/04/2017(GMT+004) it's not working - wallet maintenance message .

I contacted them and they said they were waiting for the devs to provide them with the fix. That was last night. Do the devs follow these messages and can they answer question or just provide the patch to Bittrex?

Do I have to do the fetch parameters again after updating to this hotfix release or just a replace of the binary?

Same here, hope it become available soon.

just replace the binary

Dear Nathan,
Any update about delivering the update to exchange as it's in maintenance mode for 3 days now?

yeah they are down for zec and zcl :frowning:

Finally The Wallet Work

Thanks for confirming!

Also command line binaries of v1.0.8-1 for Mac are at