Only one Active Worker on Dashboard

I am not suer is there any something wrong.

I have 4 computer concurrent mining in 2 difference location, but it only show 1 active worker as always, is there anyone can help to investigate it which part I didn’t work it right?
The worker name of each computer I just using 1234, no name.

Here is my batch command:


nheqminer.exe -l -u t1cT2mdEKJLDaYE1HsmbwNRc35tCy8UEkoG.2

Here is my Dashboard

Anyway, Thank

Dan Choy

Are you mining with CPU’s on all machines?

If yes, you may not be finding solutions fast enough for the pool to recognize the worker. You might be better off using a proxy to combine the hashrates of the CPU’s and then pointing it at the pool.

Thanks for your reply

Could you please to let me know how can I off using proxy?

Dan Choy

A quick search on this site yields some results:

Thanks, I will take a look

Dan Choy