Congregational solo mining without stratumn proxy

I am getting a combined hash rate of around 1600 H/s using multiple systems (GPU+CPU)
I have a few questions:

  1. Would it be advisable to go solo mining?

  2. Since all current mining clients need stratum proxy, how does one mine solo using multiple systems? Is there any opensource stratum proxy for Zcash mining?

  3. If not, would it be advisable to run zcashd with mining=1 on all separate systems individually?

  4. Is there any way of mining using multiple CPU+GPUs all working together? Like a pool but without the stratum… say using RPC? I thing other altcoins and BTC does support that.

Replies appreciated. Thanks. :slight_smile:

With 1600 H/s the statistic right now would suggest that you should find a block in 17.36 days. That being said I am currently running a pool and we found a block within a day at 4000H/s. This could be because blocks don’t actually take 2 minutes like I am estimating. They usually come in faster. Or we just got really lucky.

No but you don’t really need a stratum proxy to connect all of your rigs to a zcash daemon. Stratum proxies were really built for older get work miners that took a lot of http time up. In zcash all of the miners have stratum baked in so if you connect multiple miners to a pool then you achieve multiple machines mining together.

Theoretically this is the same as connecting all of your work to one pool. Since at any given time any solution in equihash has an equal probability of being the one that satisfies the blocks target.

This is really what a pool does. Uses RPC communications to connect multiple miners to one wallet. The real advantage of a pool is gathering work to a greater whole for those who don’t individually own the power. Or the share system.

You could hop on our new pool and help us find block number 2 if you like. We currently have ~10kH/s which would suggest we find a block in 2.77 days.

connect: zogpool:3357

Or I could run a private pool if you have enough power and think it is worth the probability. At 1600, I would stick with pools unless waiting 17 days is acceptable.

That isn’t something pool operators are going to encourage or develop what they want is for you to point your hashing power at their pools.