OpenAI / ChatGPT / Google Bard

So, this week has been a week of launches as the whole tech industry buzzes with the sound of an AI-driven future. But what’s your take on it?

:robot: :speech_balloon:


both scared impressed and excited bout AI
guess it really is Alien Intelligence


Would you know of alternatives to accessing ChatGPT with logging in?

For those don’t know, Zcash Global Discord server have ZecGPT, a discord bot using openai’s gpt-4 API. It can answer questions, have small conversations and summarize the chat. It uses the chat as context, so it can give nice responses.

Chat2Z has gpt3.5 without any PII:

Probably will add gpt4 soon.

400 prompts for 1 ZEC currently, if i remember correctly.


It’s great and super exciting!

Sure, we might destroy ourselves with it but that’s a threat with any major technological innovation. It’s just that we have A TON of dystopian stories about the ways we can do it with AI. If only we had a few more stories warning us about social networks.

Sam Altman, Worldcoin founder and OpenAI CEO, discusses the potential and challenges of cryptocurrencies, emphasizing the need for a global currency while addressing concerns about regulation and privacy


GPT4 8k is now available on Free2z - OpenAI models are offered at cost rounded up to the nearest penny. So, each prompt costs at least 1 penny. We will eventually add uncensored base models and introduce models with composable alignment. Let me know if you want some free 2Zs to play around with it and give us some feedback.