Free2Z Live Interactive Broadcasts

Hello Forum buddies! I would like to invite you to our first Free2Z livestream broadcast Monday, November 28th at 9pm EST.

We will discuss the state of free2z, recent features (such as live streaming), future possibilities, and take questions in a sort of AMA format. We’re still pondering the outline of the call. We will definitely discuss live streaming, 2Z credits, new members-only features, highlight some cool profiles and pages. Let me know if you want some time to discuss a topic you’re passionate about.

We’d love to see everyone there. One thing we want to test is the scalability of the video conferencing solution that we’re trying. It looks fantastic so far; but, we’ve only just started. 6 people can come on stage with low-latency webRTC and supposedly millions can be watching the live broadcast with moderate latency. It would be interesting to try to push the limits as much as possible and see how it holds up.

There are so many possible use cases for members-only livestreams. Who will be the first to start teaching coding, math, cooking or chess or put their podcast on free2z? Come check it out and see what you think!


I’m still working out some of the error handling, possible unhappy cases and polish. But, the livestream will be at

Only the creator who owns the broadcast can start it and add people to the stage. If you go there now, login, subscribe (free with granted 2Zs), you will see something like this:

Ping me if you want to check it out beforehand and we can have a video call for fun ;9

BTW, it works awesome in mobile as well.


What hosting platform is your website running?

Google k8s as of right now.

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