OrcaHash | Simple and Powerful Miner | Automatic Switching | UNHACKABLE |

Hello Everyone,

Today I am very happy to present to you OrcaHash.

A mining software built by cyber security specialists and miners as well with the vision of creating the simplest and most powerful mining software.

Frustrated with the irresponsible and weak approach to cyber security among other issues with previous mining software we set out to build a final solution which puts the miner first.

Below are some of the features in our miner that set it apart from the rest.

1-Click Mining
Automatic Coin Switching
Highest Profitability Guaranteed
Automated GPU and Driver Detection
Mines DIRECTLY to your wallets
Fully Anonymous
Unhackable Design

Link to OrcaHash: https://orcahash.com

Link to download OrcaMiner: https://orcahash.com/?view=orcaminer-intelligent-miner

Please leave comments, questions, and concerns regarding this service.

We are looking to build the best miner of all time, and love to hear from the community about ways we can improve the miner.

Nicholas Lim
CEO @ OrcaHash

So if you aren’t charging any fee’s how are you getting paid?

You say this is a miner, but isn’t this just a simple gui interface that uses other mining programs to mine?

Right now, this is our first product. We have many things coming that will generate us revenue

Also, yes we utilize established mining software, we just provide an easy to use interface which automatically sets up and mines for you the best coin

Is this legit? @any members tried this yet?

Would also like to get some feedback from the members here. So far we already have a few hundred users signed up for the service.

Version 3 coming very soon!

benchmarked ZEC but then said it didnt. Might want to fix that. should have said ~280 sols/s

BlockquoteEthereum GPU mining has not been tested. I am now mining Ethereum to your wallet and measuring the performance…
Benchmark completed.
Ethereum GPU mining has been benchmarked at: 8Mh/s
Zcash GPU mining has not been tested. I am now mining Zcash to your wallet and measuring the performance…
Benchmark completed.
Zcash GPU mining has not been benchmarked.
Monero GPU mining has not been tested. I am now mining Monero to your wallet and measuring the performance…


Interesting, this means that for some reason your GPU was not mining or the benchmark request failed.

Question: Do you happen to know if your GPU was actually being mined with (100% gpu usage)

I wonder if the GPU detection didn’t work with your GPU

its a GTX 970, single GPU. Athlon x64 cpu. Also, I don’t like not knowing how its mining, like which pool its using. Also need an option to disable CPU mining.

Wonderful! I love your feedback and suggestions - I will add all of this in the next release.

Please post more about your discoveries and suggestions for improvements

Something that would really set it appart would be integration with overclocking software, and the option to change mining profiles based on the coin. It would be hard, but a truly unique feature to advertize about getting the most out of every currency.

That is very interesting, and definitely something that will be considered!