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We build this? then which merchant is going to use. I want to make sure we build a product where we have merchants enthusiastic about integrating (not sure if there are any).

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Is there any data on how many merchants use BTCPay.

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Yes, here’s the BTC Pay directory.
CheapAir, Nakamoto Institute, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Torproject, TorGuard VPN, Casa Store, and lots more

BTCPayServer is/has been used by some pretty big merchants. It’s probably the best cryptocurrency payment processor in terms of being audited and being open-source. When Tesla accepted Bitcoin, they used BTCPayServer and organised an audit of it which resulted in a couple issues being fixed. Human Rights Foundation use BTCPayServer. It has a REST API also together with BitPay API support allowing it to be used in a headless manner. It has Point of Sale support built in.


Supportive on this grant. For existing BTCPayServer merchants to be able to accept Zcash with a toggle would be awesome and greatly enhances Zcash as a payment network.

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Congratulations @hanh , your proposal has been accepted! :tada:

With this and @1337bytes BTCpay compatible UX components grant:

ZOMG hopes that the two grants will be complementary to one another to build a robust BTCpay server option for vendors to accept Zcash. We hope that the two community members (Han and 1337bytes) awarded will also keep in communication and help one another if needed to accomplish thier BTCpay integrations.


Thanks Shawn,

Here’s a video documenting the progress so far.

There is still more to do but the main pieces are in place.
In particular, I have written zcash-walletd, a wallet server that bridges between BTCPayServer account/subaccount model and zcash blockchain.

BTCPS supports multiple “stores” that translate to accounts in wallets. Each account is treated independently even though it is under the same seed. Also, each invoice has its unique address.

Everything is handled through diversified addresses inside zcash-walletd.


Thanks for the update @hanh , looks like great progress!

Has your proposal been updated as requested on the Grants platform? We discussed it at the last ZOMG meeting and it was still awaiting a revision for payout.

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Final follow up: Zcash-walletd - #2 by hanh

Hi hanh,

I’m trying to figure out BTCpayserver, Zecpayment gateway. Do I need to run btcpay server & zcashd when operatoring an online shop or does btcpayserver allow me not to have to run a zcashd?

Are there any online shops or points of payment using what has been created in this grant that is live in order to checkout the experience?



You don’t need to run zcashd but you need to run zcash-walletd. It is a watch only wallet app that works with lightwalletd. By default, it will use the public server but you can also choose your own.

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When you say run zcash-walletd, can you explain how to do that? i watched the youtube videos and i understand the normal parts of setting up woocommerce, and setting up btc payments through btc server, but don’t understand how to use your product. Does a merchant download something from github? and then what does the merchant do with that software? Can this be done on a PC or Mac?

You can use pre built docker images.

Check out the README and let me know if you have any questions.

That’s more helpful, thanks. I followed the readme instructions. I did steps 1,2, and 3, but that’s as far as I can get. zcash-walletd is running, but the message from step 4 does not appear. This is what my terminal looks like.

Also, when i do step 5 the screen shows an error, maybe because i have not deployed a store yet? Does the method of deployment matter? How did you deploy? I tried deploying with a third party host btcpayjungle but that did not interact with zcash-walletd.

Please provide the complete log, especially the beginning.

after that it repeats a scan for every block height

Are you using docker on Apple M1 chip?

Yes thats right

It’s a known bug with QEMU / Docker Mac on M1. Better use Intel/AMD CPU or rebuild from source.

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For the record, it’s a bug in the virtualization engine used by Docker. Not related to the app itself.