People talking about post-2020 funding of development

I’m seeing more and more people talking about this in public, so I thought I’d start collecting their ideas here.

“This is a good thread. Incentive alignment is critical for cybercoin networks…

Zcash did a pretty good job at incentive alignment. As a zec holder I actually hope they continue with some form of long term developer incentive alignment”—

“I broached the subject a while ago and have not seen any initiatives from ECC or the foundation to solicit community feedback on proposals. The onus is on your team(s) to bring the subject to the users if you wish to be perceived as forward-looking and well intentioned.”—

“Fwiw I think a friendly fork is a horrible idea and that funding rewards should remain but taper lower with each halving. Perhaps an adjustable rewards that pegs on USD rather than ZEC. This adds several benefits in terms of the good faith of the user-base imo.”—


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