Peter Todd’s statement on trusted setup

Hey all,

I read the following tweet

And was wondering if any of the zcash team could answer the different points he is mentioning …


It’s not the first time he attacks the trusted setup.

( Cypherpunk Desert Bus: My Role In The 2016 Zcash Trusted Setup Ceremony )

WE GET IT. Only because we can’t test it means it was compromised.

It’s a sincere concern*, but expressed in an offensive and uncustructive manner


I agree with you. But the best way to close his different points is to clearly address them…
I see @daira has started to reply.

Interesting thread to follow.


It’s actually pretty scary how the team is overlooking/ignoring it for so long.

Zcash always praises itself about transparency, being able to rerun/test the MPC should be a pillar-stone of it.

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Can you explain the scary part?

Agree, should. I can imagine it wasn’t a priority and nobody wants to actually work on it.

(I personally believe it has to do with something so simple that they can’t figure out what variable is not working correctly)

It’s not that it wasn’t a priority, just that no-one noticed the bug report. No conspiracies here.




A bit off subject, but a similar embarrassing thread:

Also RT by Peer Todd:


Here’s a response. Note that they keep mistyping “Saping” but they’re talking about missing Sprout files. Sapling files aren’t missing.

tl;dr - Turnstyle migration from Sprout would detect any money printed by abusing the Sprout Powers of Tau ceremony.

This makes me a bit sad… His own project (Tari) is having troubles with funding too

That one is just heartbreaking.

Nevertheless, we should have the files from the first ceremony.


Do you think anyone disagrees with that?

Can we close this thread now?

I agree that Radix42 should be compensated for thier work but there was no Grant proposal from them for the Foundation fund this round: GitHub - ZcashFoundation/GrantProposals-2018Q2: Submission site for 2018Q2 Zcash Foundation grant proposals.

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If you go down the Twitter thread, you can see that Radix42 has been contacted by the Foundation and offered a compensation in some way, but he seemed to think that the conditions were too demanding compared to what fluffypony was offering.

Now, it puts him in a nice position to post such info …

Why ?
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The reporting needs from the Foundation largely have to do with 501(c) requirements like issuing a 1099 for taxes at the end of the year and having details about who gets the funds (name/SS#/etc…)

I don’t know any specific details about what Radix42 may have discussed with the Foundation.


Because Todds point is moot and neither Spagni nor Whale Pandas posts have any bearing on that because they have nothing to do with it i.e devs’ income who dont work for 0electric or funded by the foundation and what other influential crypto people think about that vs wheres the attestations?