Talk on MPC by Peter Todd

Hey all,

Will some from the zcash team listen to this and have a chance to answer ?

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Really more interested in the future of the trusted set up and not so much the way it happened (it was pretty cool), he’s entitled to voice any negative opinions about it he’d like assuming it’s not defamatory in nature, we all know there’s issues buy whether or not somebody can address them without attacking credibility we’ll see (the problem with the trusted setup and the problem with Zcash’s trusted setup should be the same)

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I’m surprised that the conference organizers are willing to put such a narrow focus subject (seriously, they couldn’t find a better subject to invite someone to keynote about?) that will obviously be one-sided/biased and not invite someone from Electric Coin Company to offer a rebuttal.


todd’s been talking about this for a minute, but not sure he’s ever dropped a paper we can actually evaluate. posting tweets, and talking doesn’t do anything. as-of-now, i’m putting todd into the same group as fake satoshi - all talk.

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think todd should be more worried about a 4chan op that’s targeting bitcoiners. probably by end of 2019 you’ll see lists popping up of bitcoiners doxes. they’re mostly using crystal from bitfury, and using old school osint work. names, addresses, etc. main goal’s to connect political people with tainted bitcoin to use against them in future primaries. from what i’m hearing; going to be ugly!

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this stuff irritates me! somebody’s lying here. todd’s calling all zcash people frauds, but doesn’t offer a technical paper we can evaluate (if he has a technical paper - i haven’t seen it)!

Peter Todd has some nuanced complaint about lack of deterministic builds in the MPC that I never managed to fully understand after asking him about it on Twitter. Definitely far away from justifying the title a Hocus-Pocus meaning nothing. I think it’s better to view it as entertainment than to try to argue about it with him; as at least in the Zcash/MPC front, while he can be intelligent and on the spot in other places, it’s more emotional imo.


Does anyone know why he’s so vocal about zcash? was he not invited to the pizza party?

I plan to continue ignoring Peter Todd, fluffypony, WhalePanda, and anyone else whose demeanor has shown that they care more about dunking on Zooko than the actual particulars of Zcash privacy and security.

@arielgabizon is right that Todd has made legitimate criticisms — both in the past and likely in the future — but his hostility undermines whatever he’s trying to accomplish with them. (And that’s my charitable interpretation.)


I have a pet theory that he’s employed by the zerocoin company as an adversary in order to strengthen the project. Sort of a check and balance to Zooko. I believe it to be a genius design.

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