Pool mining Zcash and Zclassic

I suggest mining zcash is easy to use your zcash for address as the user name when connecting to the pool. In the future we will improve the pool and add some missing features.
ZCL Port: 3031
ZEC Port: 3032

nheqminer -l -u t1f8KnyPAELAXJ2xt4R4vUy55xxxxxxxxxx -p x

Can you explain how the pool software you are suing from eXtremal is

p2pool (which doers not have zcash support from my understanding): GitHub - p2pool/p2pool: Peer-to-peer Bitcoin mining pool

eXtremal code (the code your pool is based on): GitHub - eXtremal-ik7/pool_frontend_zcash: ZCash mining pool/solo mining suite

Works as GitHub - p2pool/p2pool: Peer-to-peer Bitcoin mining pool
zcash/src/zcashd -p2pport=12201

Can you explain how executing zcashd, as in your example, with a flag called -p2port is the same as being compatible with p2pool?

“Launch command is src/zcashd -p2pport=12201. Port 12201 is used by internal pool protocol. Also, you can use poolrpccmd utility for interact with daemon by command line.”

As you can see this flag is created when zcashd is rebuilt with linkage to poolcore and the flag is used to designate an internal port for the pool to communicate with zcashd.

From what I can tell P2pool wont work with the zcash GBT and stratum protocol until p2pool is made header agnostic. See Make P2Pool header-agnostic · Issue #323 · p2pool/p2pool · GitHub

Very interested in continuing str4d’s work here as well.

Am I missing something?

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Hey all,

Just wondering whether anyone knows how to set this pool (eXtremal-ik7) up to have a persistent t-address for mined blocks.

I have noticed that with each block that I mine it has a different t-address. I would like to have this assigned to one address if possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated