Preferred chain for renZEC liquidity

After spending some time reading through these forums and Reddit, I was curious if there were thoughts on which blockchain people would prefer to have renZEC liquidity. Ethereum is a non-starter due to gas fees. There are several other choices that have reasonable fees, but there also needs to be a public faucet so users can bridge in ZEC and then execute a swap. Polygon? Solana?

I saw that Thorchain integration is “in progress”, so that will also be an option at some point. Ren seems to be a more stable option has it has existed longer. At the same time, there must be some reason why no one is providing liquidity for renZEC.


I decided on Polygon because it has cheap gas fees and is EVM-based which has better RenJS support. There is now some liquidity in the WMATIC-renZEC pair on QuickSwap.

I found VarenX ( which provides a nice UI for converting Ren assets using Polygon. It is “gas-less” but it was not very Tor-friendly. It also requires connecting a wallet which may have privacy implications.

I started writing my own gas-less app to exchange Zcash on Polygon. It is a work-in-progress (, so test at your own risk. It is compatible with Tor Browser and does not require any browser add-ons. The idea is that each transaction has its own private key which is only useful until the transaction finishes.