Privacy Coins Survey 2019

Hi there, I am launching the first series of cryptocurrency surveys focusing squarely on cryptocurrency research looking through the lens of the people. Today’s survey is zeroed in on privacy-focused cryptocurrencies.

The main objectives of this study are 1) to construct a multidimensional portrait of the adoption of privacy coins from an end user’s perspective and 2) let the crypto world know which obstacles are the most rampant, to eventually help improve the experience.

It should take about 5 minutes of your time. Thank you in advance. Have fun and please don’t hesitate to share this with your crypto friends! :slight_smile:


Hopefully you share the results of the survey with us. The results of surveys are always of interest in my opinion. Thx in advance!

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Hi Aleksandar, thanks for taking the time. I will definitely share the results in the form of a presentation upon reception of hundreds of responses. Thus far I have collected 30. Please do not hesitate to share the survey with your crypto friends. Thank you again.


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