Problem with nicehash payments (Zcash)

Guys i have problem with nicehash payments, i am mining on nicehash with 2 programs on same btc adress, nheqminer using for cpu and genoil for gpus…Nicehash write me for my genoil 0.41 program not using extranonce.subscribe… He didint pay me two days!!!.. What can that be?
Genoil settings : genoil.exe -c -u 1AaMx3wKaH4jtGEDqby4E2PcdGKX8wbNUi -p x -g 0 1 2
nheqminer settings: nheqminer.exe -l usa -u 1AaMx3wKaH4jtGEDqby4E2PcdGKX8wbNUi -t 4

PLS someone answer me if u know, why they dont pay me??? thx

I think that you didn't reach 0.01 BTC on 30th October at 23:01 (check the balance at that hour - 0.009) and while you were mining further you reached the threshold of 0.01 BTC and you will be paid out at the next payout time, which is for you today, on 31th October at 23:01 (check Est. next payout time).

Ty men, didn't know that minimum payout is 0.01 BTC...That was a problem, ty again

No problem. We have 3 thresholds for payouts actually: balance larger than 0.001 BTC is paid out once a week, balance larger than 0.01 BTC is paid out once a day, and balance larger than 0.1 BTC is paid out four times a day (if reached of course).