Was mining with the NiceHash pool

with rented NiceHash mining power and had mined something like 0.0344 with the address t1VKJUmiQEL8ydSD2dEeFC2Ctch1vgEsreM.

Now the worker is completely gone with my balance. Did they pay out the balance and I just can’t figure out how to check it? Did the pool server crash and took all balances with them? What happend?

happened exactly to me too!
my address t1MerbDyTh2ZuvGyWdtn2s6TNtjRTSndzio

Now it shows up under https://zcash.nicehash.com/workers again, but with a much lower “Immature Balance” and an even lower “Confirmed Balance”.

How do they relate to each other and what happened to the rest?

Same here. I had .002 and now i’m at .001

thought i just got paid from suprnova, .01! :slight_smile:

What is the configuration for suprnova? Then I’ll use that one, too

Happened to me as well. I had 0.0013 there, last time i checked i saw 0.00013. Ten times lower. So i switched to suprnova

We rolled out some payments. Did anyone receive anything? ^^

Did you pay balances lower than 0.01?

Where are all the blocks? There is no way that this pool has only mined 17 blocks. It has had over 100Ksol/s for a long time. The share counts keep getting reset also.

I’m still checking if it works out with only a bit of hashing power.
Do you know how and when shares translate to immature Balance and confirmed Balance?

I hashed over 0.06 ZEC and have not received any payout. I can’t even see that other than in my list of ended contracts (as you ended them all).

Some more payments are rolling out…

i also was wondering…i had over 0.1 in my immature
was mining with this address t1MDvfMPNnRAR8Z45XfyNFYV3dsVbVS41fG

can u check out…didt got any receive from ur pool

common nicehash…whats wrong…

Guys, I’m mining @ 100 Sol/s on nicehash, for about 7~8 hours, only 0 immature, 0 confirmed… Is this expected? Or, am I wasting electricity?


anybody got anything? my stats were resetted and nothgi ncame to me.

still no payment…for over 15 hrs now…wasted money…and i thought nicehash is serious…sure there is a problem with deamon but why i get payouts from other pools…

yeah so my stats are resetted (dont see worker even) and no money sent so far… been more than 15 hours since i have noticed this.

Pool down…

telnet stratum.zcash.nicehash.com 3357
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

I lost .009 zec from this pool. Also, I paid for a 24h mining contract and they canceled it not 10 minutes later, AND stole fees from the BTC i paid for the contract. Nicehash is a SCAM