Proposal to fund : Eternity Protocol

Eternity Gamefi Protocol is an entitiy based on blockchain technology which will offer its user Dao governed models , NFTs and A fully immersive metaverse.
All investors will get lifetime returns on their investments via revenue generated by the projects.

we would like to appeal to you to contribute in this project and be a part of the future.

Link to the Proposal : ZF Grants - Eternity GameFi Protocol

I have plenty of questions regarding this proposal and its claims… But I’ll stick to the most relevant one: does this contribute towards the adoption/usability/security of Zcash?


the problem with daos anf defi is that they don’t provide their investors enough transparency and opportunity to generate their wealth or to get fully involved in the processs.

One would think a well-written proposal should be proofread before submitting. The overall grant is… sparse?


lol. “Rejected”

This is a huge red flag and a common characteristic of Ponzi schemes.

You might want to refine, clarify, or delete this statement.


This proposal has all characteristics of a spam that I would block in this forum :sweat_smile:


Hi @drake,

I’m not a ZOMG member but will try to provide some constructive suggestions that might help with current and future proposals. I suggest you think about the proposal a bit more and flesh out some of the details. Many in the community are very encouraging new ideas that explore new kinds of utility for Zcash including NFTs, Defi, and possibly even investment instruments.

Unfortunately given your current proposal it’s hard to see a link between your idea and how it might utilise Zcash or benefit Zcash users. It’s important to the ZOMG and the Zcash community that ZOMG funds are used to the benefit of Zcash including its current and/or future users.

Also, given the risk of providing monetary grants it’s advisable that you spend some time reviewing the proposal in detail to find as many spelling or grammatical errors as possible before submitting a proposal to help give a good/professional first impression.

I’m going to suggest ZOMG should reject this proposal immediately. But if you have any questions or would like to flesh out any current or future ideas further we are a friendly bunch and many of us would be more then happy to discuss any ideas you have that explore or provide new ways to utilise Zcash or provide value to its users.

Finally, I’d like to thank you @drake for joining the community and taking the time to submit your proposal. We need more people thinking about Zcash and how it can be used so I appreciate the effort involved in submitting the proposal. I hope that in the future I hear more from you (and the team) about your ideas.


Hi @drake,

Thank you for your proposal. The @ZOMG has voted to decline funding of this grant