Proposal to fund zcash skydives!

Hi @tm3k, this is a cool proposal.

I have some ideas I would like to throw around. Maybe the intro to the video could start off by saying something like “Watch this cool dive while learning about ZCASH $ZEC”. Then, on top of a nicely edited dive we overlay key points as to why privacy is so important to Web3. After that, you can overlay some of the key native properties of Zcash. Lastly, maybe you could show some things you are looking forward to like PoS and Shielded Assets.

If the video has all the above, I would classify it as an educational video. If others agree, I think it would be safe enough to actually increase this grant such that it includes a marketing budget. I would recommend twitter ads! One of the goals of the dev fund is to increase education, right? Let’s do it!


@tm3k is right. Now is the time. I’m not a technical analysis investor but there does seem to be more buzz on my social media about a alt market run and we should try catching some of the attention during hype. I think the real question we should be asking is can you start sooner. In all serious though thanks @tm3k this is awesome proposal.

@tm3k is it possible to fund another skydiver to record the opening?


@tm3k I am pleased to inform you that ZOMG has decided to fund your proposal!

Congratulations! :clap: :tada: :zcash:

ZOMG agrees with the general community sentiment in this thread. It sounds like a fun exciting way to help spread the word about Zcash on various social media outlets.

We look forward to watching! :parachute:

Please Note: Due to the nature of the activity you want to participate in you will need to sign a legal release of liability waiver for Zcash Foundation and ZOMG prior to receiving funds.


Amazing! I love all of you! :zcash: :zebra: :parachute:

Will upload required documents by end of day.


Perhaps this idea can be expanded with another grant? @tm3k will release the raw footage so I guess that can be used to implement the educational video.


The thing is, that in my opinion, it’s very good that things are quiet in the Zcash world. If it will gain any attention from the public, the eyes of the government will start looking at it

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However, I do support the grant and I hope you will do it in the end.