Zcash News Show Proposal

In response to @joshs 's post requesting a weekly Zcash update show

“We’re making this available before formally submitting it on Monday. Your thoughts appreciated, James Joseph”

More to come soon.
Thank you for your consideration!


This looks like a cool proposal, along with @decentralistdan ZcashZeal upcoming podcast, it would be great to see the ecosystem have more user generated content!

The only thing that I see may be tricky is that it’s asking to be paid in a certain number of Zcash per week(?) rather than a USD amount, and the “base assumption” for rates is less than half of the current USD market value of Zcash. The Zcash Foundation usually pays grants to a set USD amount and the ZEC amount fluctuates based on market price, not the other way around. I believe this is largely due to IRS accounting requirements which are of course in USD.

Either way, interesting proposal and I look forward to seeing the official submission next week.


Tell them < Show them

I think it’s a great idea! I would love to help any way I can.


Thank you! The team will review these points and hopefully create a revision that suits everyone.

You are amazingly talented. Would love to work with you :slight_smile:


So glad you like the ideas. Please feel free to submit a big list of topics & interviews you’d like to see. We are making this for the community so please let us know what interests you.

Definitely would love to have BOLT Labs & Zondax share their news.
Thank you for your support on this :slight_smile:


I agree that 1 ZEC can be a very flexible measure of value :slight_smile:
When I pay at ZEC or make donations, I immediately top up my balance in dollar terms, so that in the future I don’t feel like that Laszlo with a damn pizza that is still not digested ))


Thank you. I should do that too. Already have a few pizza moments I regret.

The team is already in meetings to redefine the currency issue so it works for everyone & we hope to have a revision ready next week, after everyone has been heard.


That is so nice of you to say! Thank you. Made my day.

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Thank you for sharing quick and thoughtful comments.

We modified the pay table in our proposal using the current USD market value of Zcash.

James presented the modified table to our team members and they are comfortable with the USD denominations now included.

Our grant submission is now official on ZF Grants platform. Please let us know how we might assist ZOMG in funding this project to its full potential.



A Zcash Weekly News Show

A community-driven news program where viewers earn Zcash weekly! Learn about governance, protocol upgrades and how to use Zcash securely

Applicant backgrounds


Zecretary4u is a privacy-advocate and cryptocurrency trader with extensive entertainment production experience. Her early works scoured z/all and were distributed to z-addresses on the ZECpages directory.
James Joseph hosted several Zcash meetups and giveaways in Los Angeles to discuss Zcash and generate greater awareness of its potential. He’s behind ZcashVR and ZECpages on Twitter.
Matt Tillman-Hart is a project manager, data analyst and a conversational Zcash Maximalist.
Just_zART is prolific in their dedication to delivering Zcash promotional art.
20Birds creates viral videos for privacy advocates after serving as the lead field producer for a #1 rated show.
Evan Torrens uses social media to increase brand visibility, boost sales, increase website traffic, engage audiences, collaborate with influencers and more.


Editor: Godfrey Meyer is an NFT artist and trailblazer across the field of virtual audio-visual production, from rigging avatars to running virtual studio rooms
Design: Halstead Art is a professional 2D Digital Animator who showcases his craft live on Twitch where he proudly accepts Zcash!
Direct: ZcashZeal is a broadcast technician and Zcash community host.

Motivation and Overview

This is a community-driven news program where viewers can earn Zcash!

It features up-to-date video tutorials about how to use Zcash securely, including education on Zcash governance and protocol upgrades versus other technologies.

1. Discover ZEC

We curate news from a variety of sources to create concise notes, audio clips and visual content that ultimately makes the Zcash Community more discoverable online.

2. Discuss ZEC

Anonymizing avatars available on modern smartphones welcome new audiences into our discussions as we promote the stuff we find in the evergreen Zcash Community.

3. Use ZEC Daily

Hosting show notes and “content contests” on ZECpages helps onboard new Zcash users every week and grow the shielded pool

Technical approach

1. Recursive

  • Every week, we reward last week’s contributors with Zcash

2. Accountable

  • Clear deliverables are published for the world to read, hear and see every week as our show deciphers Zcash

3. Composable

  • Our storyboard is constructed in segments that can be redistributed by our viewers throughout the week

Our Show’s Composable Operating Model:

Execution risks & Downsides

We think that earning a set amount of Zcash every week is critical to the long-term success of this project.

Evaluation plan

Our Production Schedule summarizes the deliverables denoted in “What” each Role is Responsible for

Tasks and schedule

  • One episode of our show will be released every week for one year or 52 weeks.
  • Each episode of our show is 10-20 minutes long.
  • We aim to publish and promote the first episode of our show 28 days after the project is initiated, max.
  • Delivery dates by role are can be found in Payments Section

“When” denotes weekly or one-time due dates under each of the Roles and Responsibilities. This is summarized in our
Production Schedule

Budget and justification

Payments are all-inclusive (time, labor, tools, etc.) and disbursed to team members by the Editor on a transparent and weekly basis when our show is published to YouTube (video) and ZECpages (show notes) as detailed by weekly milestones.

Under each Role and Responsibility we list “What” we “Pay” for, then summarize Payments

Z. Cash Incentive Bonuses
motivate the team to conduct a consistent and continuously-improving show for weeks to come.



In response to these meeting minutes, our team has prepared three tables to aide ZOMG’s grant review:

  1. Expectations
  2. Experiences
  3. Parameters

The first table describes our production cycle: how we will work together to produce a show every week after the initiation phase. The second table describes our professional experiences and includes links to our portfolios. The final table describes our show’s content.

Find the tables in this workbook: Team ZcashWeek - Google Sheets

Please note that after initiation, this show is delivered weekly. We aim to produce a long-running, continuously-improving show. Therefore, we invite ZOMG to take part in the production cycle to assure quality and mitigate risks.

Thank you for your consideration.



Thank you for your submission. The ZOMG committee members were impressed with the scope and ideas around a weekly Zcash news show. Zcash needs more endeavors and proposals like this one to reach more people.

Ultimately we have decided to decline funding this proposal as structured.

The reasons for declining are

  1. The amount requested is far and away the largest ZOMG has seen thus far and we are not confident that the high expense represents a good value to the community.
  2. The proposed editor of this project is James Joseph who has violated the Zcash Community Forums CoC multiple times and as a result is banned from further participation here. We feel this represents a risk to the project due to past behavior.

Please bear in mind this decision does not reflect on the other contributors listed on the proposal. In fact, there are other contributors who we’d be interested in seeing proposals from in the future.