Family Roadtrip Grant Proposal (Rejected)

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Did you actually just submit a Zcash grant proposal that amounts to:

  1. Buy you a $100,000 Lexus
  2. Vinal wrap it with Zcash logos
  3. Pay you $100,000 for an all expenses paid vacation to drive it across the country with your family

? :neutral_face:

Wow, if this goes though I’m submitting one for a new Lamborghini with sweet holographic Zcash wrap and I will drive it in the Gumball 3000 rally on YouTube gifting Zcash to every cop that gives me a ticket for speeding.

:red_car: :dash: :police_car:


The vehicle would be a constant promotional tool. Constantly driven across the south east at the very least after the trip. Plus crediting zcash as a sponsor and preferred payment method for my computer services. Its all about perspective. Yes we will benefit from the trip but we will be making zcash very visible where it other wise wouldnt be. Across the country and back. Imagine how many eyes will see it, and conversations started about zcash? I do appreciate your opinion though.

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Its a exceptionally unique idea for sure. Not gonna lie. Wrapping a Lexus with Zcash logo and driving it around the country promoting Zcash sounds great as an idea. But, even if there is overwhelming support from the community, I dont see how ZCG could fund this. ROI will be very hard to evalute IMO. (Yes, we did fund sky diving jump, at 3k, and a Zcash song; which IMO was too high, at 34k, but 200k for a new car is another matter)

Saying that, you seem very passionate about Zcash, and want to promote it. I know there isnt much to do as a community to promote Zcash beyond talking to family and friends, and accepting it as a method payment in our business, as you do. (there is a global ambassador program, but that’s limited to a small amount of people). But I dont think we should fund this idea.

Looking forward to hearing your other great ideas on how to promote the use of Zcash


I’m open to these kinds of ideas. But to put that into perspective 200k is about 1/5 of the cost of the theoretical MrBeast video idea I had. What’s more valuable? Funding 5 of these? Or funding a single MrBeast video?

Edit: Sorry @JRGB I probably wasn’t very clear. I’m not sure this grant is an effective use of ZCG fund. Especially without a more broad and longer term marketing campaign around it. If there was some wider campaign where the car would be used/displayed at events then we might achieve better value. But as far as I could tell that’s not the focus of this grant. Unless I’ve missed something I propose we close this grant.

Sorry for the confusion I was trying to advocate, as I believe you are, that we compare the cost of this grant with other possible projects ZCG could fund. I can think of better uses for this money. The MrBeast video was just one example.


You have taken my post out of context, I’m afraid. Its not about the amount of the grant, its the evaluable ROI for the money. (see Zcash Media grant) Actually funding 1 MrBeast video (tho i am not sure that is a good idea) is a better ROI than this grant proposal, IMO. But we are getting sidetracked. I think @ttech had a great idea. I just think it may not be good use of ZCG funds. Tho I look forward for his other awesome ideas… Think Big, Think Wild.


I hear you, and I would not have a problem using the vehicle for more promotion in the future afterward. I would love to have the vehicle at numerous crypto events, etc. The plan doesn’t stop here. This would just be the beginning. I would absolutely be willing to use the car for more promotion thereafter.

I respect your opinion and appreciate your feedback.

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I think this is a really cool idea, wrapping cars with Zcash branding and going on the road! I personally would be more open to this idea if the proposal was solely to cover the costs of wrapping your already-owned car (that wouldn’t be anywhere near as expensive). I don’t know about buying an $100,000 Lexus though, or $100,000 in family trip expenses. (Opinions are mine)


Lawdogg did this with crowdfunding through

Cost for custom printed wrap is about $2,500 IIRC. @skyl would probably know how much ZEC was raised total.


:heart_eyes: That looks awesome! I know not much about cars haha but I googled the cost and saw an average of $1500-$2500.

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If your proposal goes through @Shawn, I will make a different proposal to purchase multiple huge billboard ad-spaces targeting millions of eyeballs. For a week, I will make more people know more about Zcash than ever before. I will then create an app that takes donation and show the Zcash community-chosen ads to be displayed. :laughing:


To wrap a much larger vehicle with a lot more graphics I am sure would cost more. I saw figures for $5000, $8000, with the max being $12,000. I did not want to go under cost in case I needed more. I have never wrapped a car. I would also be fine with driving the vehicle to zcash events and other crypto events to make sure it’s being seen. It will be a forever moving billboard for zcash. Also, I am FULLY wrapping an suv that is about 3 times the size of that coupe. Not just the side either, it will be a full wrap which means, side panels rear trunk, hood, and even the top of the vehicle. If a helicopter flies over us, they will see that zcash logo! :grin:

You are absolutely correct. Unfortunately, I do not own a large enough vehicle or have a reliable enough vehicle to take across the country, or I would have gone that route. I am a fairly new investor and miner but I do not have much money now or I would have just purchased the vehicle and asked them to wrap it. So I figured I could get them to purchase something reliable, new, and safe. To make their investment more worthwhile, I wouldn’t stop there with it. I am all for going to other crypto and zcash events with the vehicle and having an ongoing relationship with the devs to bring the car out where ever they may need it. That would be so much fun! I really do appreciate everyone’s feedback and opinions, I was simply just throwing the idea out there wanting to help the cause. I thought it was a cool idea.

ROI would be much more because I would want to use the vehicle for more promotion after the trip. I love zcash and crypto in general. I am here to help. It would be my pleasure.

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I want to take it down to zcon3 and any other events held by zcash and any crypto events that I can get to. I want to make it clear that the trip would not be the only time I would be promoting. This can be an ongoing thing. I am here for it.

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Its z2z without a viewing key posted actually. But, i know it was over 5 because El Bandido de Los 5 ZEC visited (not me).

Soon, i will introduce (optional) viewing key features so progress can be publicly tracked and fundraisers can have a “goal” that people can watch.


@ttech, after sufficient time for community feedback on the forum, and consideration from the committee the @ZcashGrants Committee has decided to reject this proposal. Thank you for your patience.