Proposal to implement Zcash on Bitfortip and offer ZEC as a financial incentive

Hi all,

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I’ve summitted a proposal for a potential integration of Zcash on Bitfortip social network.

On a successful funding users will be able to offer ZEC as a financial incentive in exchange for a useful tip.

Upon registration users will get a unique ZEC address where they will be able to send funds. Once they have balance, they will be able to post an inquiry with a ZEC reward of their choice.

When a user post an inquiry the funds are held in escrow and once the inquirer marks an answer as correct the funds are released and credited to the person that gave the right tip that he was looking for.

Some use case examples:

  • Users will be able to take a picture or upload from their gallery with their smartphone (i.e. a dress that they saw someone wearing on a magazine, an item on a TV show, a shoe someone wearing on the streets, etc. ) connect it with a ZEC reward of their choice, then upload it to the platform to be visible for everyone else to see.

  • Ask to find a better price for an item / service. Offering $1 in ZEC as an incentive for others to try and help you find a hosting package instead of $100 for $90.

  • Inquire to find specific information like an image/video/link with a ZEC incentive.

  • Market research for specific information -> 0.1 $ZEC reward for the following: Looking for accurate data for the Bitcoin price pump between 26 and 28 of July that drove it from 9: to 11K. Largest buy order, which exchange, total volume. what buy order possibly triggered it?

When a user posts an inquiry he can share the link online on social media to get bigger exposure. i.e. 0.01 ZEC reward for the following: Can you find me a better price deal for this smartphone?

Funding can be split in 3 parts.
1st milestone
Zcash will be implemented on the Bitfortip website

2nd milestone
ZEC will be available on the Android App. Users will be able to take photos with their Android smartphone app and connect it with a ZEC reward of their choice.

3rd and final milestone
ZEC will be available on the iPhone App.

Yours sincerely,

The Bitfortip team

Thanks for submitting the proposal!

Two important questions to start:

Will this involve Z address support exclusively (we desperately need more Z address support)?

Can you please cut and paste the proposal into this forum? Many of us care about privacy and will therefore refuse to open a Google form to read your proposal.

Thanks in advance!

Hello dear Tsuuportisharmful,

Thank you for your reply.

Regarding the Z addresses, yes we can do that.

Also just copy pasted the text to the proposal as instructed.

Thank you.

How much Zcash are your asking for each milestone? Thank you for sharing details here instead of in a Google Document!

Thank you very much! I think it is critical that all grant proposals focus on shielded support as privacy is the feature that gives Zcash value.

Is this your website?

I see that you already support Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Nano. Do you plan to support more coins in addition to Zcash (shielded Z address support)? Can you tell us how you will emphasize the value of privacy Zcash offers to your users?

Personally I would be more excited about this proposal if your only supported Zcash (and not other coins) and you also promised exclusivity for a certain duration.

If you cant promise exclusivity, can you at least promise how long you will guarantee Zcash Z address support? In the past other proposals that were funded later eliminated Z address support, which was a huge disappointment.

I want your business to succeed and benefit from many users using Zcash and the unique privacy guarantees it offers. The more you can tell us about how you intend to promote the privacy aspects of Zcash to your users, the easier time we will have in estimating user demand and usage of your service.

Thank you!

Dear Tsupportisharmful,

Regarding your question about the milestones.

1st milestone: 50 ~ Zcash.

2nd milestone: 15 ~ Zcash

3rd milestone: 15 ~ Zcash

As for the second part

Zcash specific characteristics and full details can be shared via email to the 38.000 registered members and on a specific part the website describing and highlighting the privacy features in comparison with other cryptocurrencies. I am open to more proposals/details that you would like me to include.

Regarding the Zcash Z address support, yes we can support it, but would like to know now that you brought it up from the previous funded projects, what was their reasoning on changing and transitioning to transparent addresses in the end…

Thank you

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Thank you for your submission. On your Google document presentation you ask for “$10k” (I’m assuming USD amount converted into ZEC). On the post above this one you say:

Can you clarify what your ask is and update the specific amounts per milestone on the"ZF Grants - Implement Zcash on Bitfortip and offer ZEC as an incentive" page?

We would like all information about the grant application to be hosted on “ZF Grants - Implement Zcash on Bitfortip and offer ZEC as an incentive” rather than a Google document please.

Thank you!

Hi dear Souptacular,

Certainly, I will make the proper adjustment in the proposal page today.

Thank you.

Thank you for making the adjustments to your proposal!

@ZcashGrants discussed this proposal at the January 20, 2021 meeting and have come to the following decision:

We have decided to reject the proposal. We do not feel that there is enough evidence that Bitfortip would provide enough exposure or be enough of a catalyst for Zcash adoption to justify funding at this time. Additionally, it is unclear what elements of the privacy preserving aspects of Zcash would Bitfortip provide to it’s users or if this is even a something that fits into Bitfortip’s model. Thank you for your submission.

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It makes me happy to see this logic coming from @ZcashGrants and I hope it encourages future applicants to focus on the core purpose of Zcash (providing private financial transactions). It makes me hopeful that we will see more proposals in the future that are privacy centric.

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I see your name very clearly matches with your public sentiments, lol.

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