Proposal: - Trade Show Booth

What is the name of your project? - Trade Show Booth

Who is the primary contact or organization for this project?

What USD ($) amount are you requesting?

$13962.00 USD

Are you requesting payment up front or upon completion of the grant?

We are happy to receive the grant funding after the grant deliverables have been met.

Describe your grant.

Buy zcash directly from a trade show booth.

Consumers have many barriers to access and purchase zcash.
Zcash is a niche product.
Zcash is technically challenging to use.

Opportunity: is a unique company providing zcash solutions inspired by low fees, fast block times and the power of secure peer to peer transactions. Having spent years introducing individuals and companies to zcash, one recurring theme is the demand to be able to walk in and just purchase zcash. I want to attend ten trade shows, live markets, or shopping center locations. To showcase zec transactions, and sell zcash directly. Individuals will be introduced to zcash, and different methods to interact with the network, make transactions, most importantly purchase zcash and earn zcash. Interested individuals can receive purchased zcash direct to an address or on ssd card. Individuals will be able to earn zcash by completing a basic questionnaire, sending a transaction to zec internet boards, becoming a zcash community member. Zcash is also a great gift, many tourist have shown interest in zcash, when hunting for that challenging gift. wants to offer a unique point of access to customers to directly walk in and purchase zcash. In a friendly, clean an inviting environment to be introduced to zcash and directly use and acquire zec.

I will set up a traditional trade show booth at a location with high volume human traffic. The booths aim is to be presented in warm inviting, friendly service atmosphere. The aim is to have two standing monitors showing looping video to present zcash. Two stand up signs introducing zcash. Paper flyers and multiple paper questionnaires about zcash. Two clothed tables running, two internet connect zcash nodes, two internet connected mobile computers offering methods to connect to the zcash network.

Locations have high human traffic.
Locations allow internet connections.
Locations allow internet transaction providers to locate.

Execution risks:
Legal Framework surrounding selling zcash directly will be a challenge into the future.
Individuals are still sensitive to internet money adoption.
Individuals will be sensitive to paying for zcash and its value can change quickly.
Unreliable internet connections

Unintended Consequences:
I don’t see any negative consequence since we need more consumer choice in the zcash ecosystem and the electronic money transfer ecosystem.

Evaluation plan:
One of the goals of this grant is to inspire others to offer a direct point of sale for zcash in different markets.
Community members can physically visit the booth locations.
I want to share the questionnaire results.
New community member sign ups.
Personal Report of my interactions with individuals and interactions with the booth, and zcash. Estimated physical human traffic per trade show, estimated booth interactions.

Please provide justification for the total compensation budget:
Trade Show Locations: 10 x 23 = 230 zec
Trade show internet connect: 10 x 3 = 30 zec
Two mobile tables: 16 zec
Two table cloths: 3 zec
Two stand up signs: 20 zec
Design & printed flyer cost: 18 zec
Printed Questionaire cost: 10 zec
Labour Costs: 16 x 10 = 160 zec
Transportation: 5 x 10 = 50 zec
Total: 537 zec

Completion Date 08/30/2024
Complete ten trade show events.
Publish trade show events on, community forum. Publish personal reviews and results of questionnaires of the events to the forum.
Estimated human traffic and booth interactions.
Photos of booth set up from event locations.

Total proposed USD value of grant:
537 zec 537 x USD 26 = $13 962

How was the project timeline determined?
Based on the trade show dates, location, volume of physical human traffic, cost per location.

Application submission date: September 18, 2023

Please introduce the team that will be responsible for delivering the grant.
The founder of Inc – BBA holder, website developer, zcash node operator, zebra node experimenter, zcash holder, cypher punk zero holder, worked in education.

Are any members of the team currently members of ZCAP?

No one on our team is a member of ZCAP.