Protecting ZCash intellectual property

Do developers or investors consider protecting ZCash IP, for preventing forking? It actually does not mean that the project will be proprietary. Recently NXT team has made this step what will make Ardor unique, isn’t it wise to do the same with ZCash?

For my understanding Zcash Electric Coin Company has trademark rights to the Zcash name. So if another coin was to try and mislead users by using the Zcash name it would be in violation.

However, with regards to Forks of Zcash Zooko has said he is not opposed to them: Consensual Currency - Electric Coin Company

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Trademark does not protect source code from cloning, it simply disallows the use of the name. It must be disallowed to use the source code without permission of the owner, and what is better it should be patented.

If you follow the link I posted it says the code is basically open source, anyone can use it.