Can ZCash be forked?

Will users be able to fork this coin as with Bitcoin? Is altcoin discussion frowned upon here? lol

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Hi! Yes, people will be able to fork the Zcash source code because it will all be open source software (already is, in fact: GitHub - Electric-Coin-Company/dev-ci-zcash: dev-ci testing using zcash clone, synced with Also the Zcash Company has not applied for any patents.

As for whether altcoin discussion will be frowned upon here: let me put it like this: we absolutely approve of altcoin discussions here! Until we don’t. For example, if there is a flood of promoters whose chatter gets in the way of more productive conversations. If that happens we’ll try to move altcoin discussions into a separate thread or off to another forum entirely or something.

So for now, the principle of moderation of this forum is:

  • We, the moderators, don’t discriminate among topics.
  • We definitely don’t discriminate among opinions (that’s censorship).
  • We do discriminate between helpful and harmful methods of communication. If somebody is being a jerk and souring the conversation for everyone else, we’ll do something about it.

I intend to post a statement of the above principles at some point so that everyone knows what to expect from the forum moderators…


Fantastic thank you! I look forward working with the code!


Zooko I was totally censored in this forum. And I still can’t post links to the technical discussion I have done off this site. And you need to reign in those who are just trying to attack reputation and create discord. I urge you to raise our our community from the sewer, before we polute the well from which we drink and then corporations won’t touch block chains with a 100 foot pole.

Hi Shelby: can you tell me what you mean about thinking you’ve been censored in this forum? It could have something to do with the forum software automatically disallowing links pointing to external web sites, or something. I don’t know. But please explain why you say that.

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Already resolved in the “Fundamental challenges?” thread. Thank you.